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Aquarius Records
New Arrivals #555
25 July 14

Beloved Customers and Friends:
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLACE LETTER TO THE PUBLIC HERE...........

And as always, thanks for reading the list, passing it on to all your friends who love weird music, shopping at our store, turning -us- on to all sort of great stuff, and helping us spread the word and get all this great music to the people who love it. YOU!! And as always, please realize that we work really hard on the list, so if you find out about stuff through us, please try to buy your records from us. That way we can keep on doing what we do, and we'll always be here with our ears to the ground, and with cds full of metalcore pitbulls, death metal parrots, gamelan playing elephants, recordings of glaciers cracking, ice melting, zamboni's, life support systems, drag races, audience applause, and of course self flagellating Norwegian dwarves, moaning telephone wires, recorded exorcisms, acapella straight edge metalcore, high school battles of the bands, movie theater organ music, Christian psychedelic folk, Bhangra Black Sabbath as well as all the metal, indie rock, electronica, punk rock, reggae, dub, sixties psych, krautrock, classic rock, country and anything else your heart may desire. So thanks. A bunch!


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----* Records of the Week :

album cover ALTAMONT Mrs. Creech b/w Transmaniacon MC (Valley King) 7" 9.98
Brand new blast of shit kicking heavy rock from this local outfit, who have been pretty much out of action for close to a decade. But this new two-fer on local label Valley King finds Altamont in fine form, fronted as always by none other than Dale Crover from the Melvins, stepping out from behind the drum kit to strap on an axe and man the mic. He's backed up by Joey Osborne, from another bunch of local stoner heavies, Acid King, along with Dan Southwick, also of Acid King, and they're joined this time around by Coady Willis from Big Business and the Melvins, and Toshi Kosai, also of Big Business. And yeah, this is the first new music from Altamont since 2005, but it almost sounds like the first new music since, say, 1978!! Total hard rocking classic rock a la AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, etc., with a bit of extra noise rock heft, but really, "Mrs. Creech" could be some long lost seventies B side from some super obscure hippie heavies, sounding a bit like the Melvins covering Skynrd, distorted vocals over some serious Southern rock style heaviness, complete with a cool, weird feedback/harmonic solo. It's not hard to imagine some sixteen year olds parked behind the 7-11, drinking beer, making out, car doors open, tape decks cranking this jam right here.
And then on the flip, they tackle a Blue Oyster Cult classic, which if you weren't sure already where these guys are coming from, well, there's no doubt now, and they do it pretty straight, total seventies hard rocking radness...
Super limited as usual, with awesome Alan Forbes cover art. Swank silk screened sleeves, each one hand signed and numbered by Forbes, and each single includes a sticker as well.

album cover ANYWHERE Olompali (Valley King) picture disc 30.00
Anywhere began life as a sort of Mars Volta side project, featuring Cedric Bixler Zavala and Mike Watt as well as members of Sleepy Sun and Triclops, but after two singles, Zavala and Watt are out, and Anywhere now seems to have morphed into something a bit more ambiguous, a sort of ever shifting musical collective, which this time around includes Dale Crover (The Melvins, Altamont), Ethan Miller (Comets On Fire, Howlin' Rain), Toshi Kasai (Big Business), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana!), Christian Eric Beaulieu (Triclops), Jonathan Hischke (Hella), Bret Constatino (Sleepy Sun), Matt Holliman (Sleepy Sun) and Cyrus Comisky (Drunk Horse, Howlin' Rain). That's a lot of cooks in this musical kitchen, but it works, and really doesn't stray too far from those early singles, spaced out psychedelic prog jams, all big booming drums, swirling guitars, tangled melodies, buried vocals, the opener is pretty epic and bombastic, slipping into some near Queen like majesty at one point, while the second track drift into a more acid folkiness, all softly strummed acoustic guitars, wild bongos, not sure if it's just us, but we might be hearing a little Comus going on here, which is never a bad thing.
The flipside remains in acoustic guitar mode, sounding almost like a continuation from the A side, the urgent steel string strum, and frenzied hand drumming now augmented by some cool psychedelic lead guitar, the vibe very seventies prog-folk for sure, before drifting into the spaced out closer, all hazy, drowsy, druggy drift, churning rhythms, more acoustic guitar strum, even some harmonica, but all blurred and smeary, and sort of Spacemen 3-ish, a sprawling, smoldering slow build space jam that is seriously psychedelic, and wouldn't sound out of place on Rocket or Agitated, spacey stoner psych bliss!!
LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!! With some seriously kick ass eye popping full color picture disc art by Alan Forbes.

album cover BLACK ELK MEDICINE BAND Santa Ana / As The Sun Rose On December 29, 1890 (Valley King) 7" 9.98
The latest from local label Valley King, is the first release from Black Elk Medicine Band, the solo project of Isaiah Mitchell of recent aQ Record Of The Weekers Golden Void, as well as psych rock shredders Earthless, and in BEMB, at least on this single, Mitchell is joined by Phil Manley (Trans Am, Life Coach, The Fucking Champs, etc.) and John McBain of the mighty Monster Magnet (and Carlton Melton!). You'd never know it on the B side, which just happens to be the one we listened to first - a dark, brooding, seventies sounding psychedelic drift, swirling soft tangles of slow burn guitar shred smolder, draped over a thick, ominous sprawl of sinister synth buzz, sounding like Mitchell's homage to Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain", the same sort of dark psych brood, tense and emotional and moody.
But flip the record over, and Mitchell and crew let loose with a heady barrage of spaced out psych that wouldn't sound out of place on a Golden Void or Earthless record. A simple skeletal programed rhythm pulses away beneath clouds of heavily flanged riffage, and yep, some seriously soaring heart of the sun shredding, sounding almost like a snippet of a much longer jam, fading in, the action already underway, the band locked into some seriously tripped out psychedelic mesmer, Mitchell laying down another blast of tangled super emotive guitar god leads, over a tranced out motorik background, eventually fading out, as if the actual jam, the one we just got a single side glimpse of, continued well on into the forever.
LIMITED TO 500 NUMBERED COPIES!! In a swank sleeve featuring all new artwork from artist Alan Forbes, each one signed!
MPEG Stream: "As The Sun Rose On December 29, 1890"
MPEG Stream: "Santa Ana"

album cover CARLTON MELTON Handling Snakes (Valley King) 7" 8.98
Last copies!
One of two brand new Carlton Melton releases this list, the other being their strange and culty split with Qumran Orphics. This one an amazing 7" on a cool brand new deluxe 7" label, Valley King (we also have a new Sweet Apple 7" on the same label to be reviewed later). Housed in a mini-gatefold sleeve with insert and sticker, with gorgeous artwork by Alan Fobres who also did Carlton Melton's Pass It On LP as well as their split with Empty Shapes.
"Handling Snakes" is a jolt of heavy hypno-blues a la Wooden Shjips but even heavier with wailing riffs and pummeling drums. The B side, "The One That Got Away", is more majestic and broodingly heavy with searing and weaving guitar lines and molten textures.
It's over before you know it, but it's just long enough to hit the spot. Limited to 500 copies. Grab this taste of radness while you can!

album cover FERAL OHMS Living Junkyard b/w The Glow (Valley King) 7" 9.98
Killer slice of Bay Area psych from this new outfit made up of members of Comets On Fire, Drunk Horse and Nudity, a fierce blast of murky fuzzed out seventies style heavy psych hard rocking, that sounds SO much like the genuine artifact, wouldn't be at all difficult to believe that this was some lost seventies hard rock rarity/reissue, the production is super old school, the A side all big riffs, pounding drums, an epic catchy chorus, and of course some sweet shredding leads, definitely reminiscent of another Valley King artist, recent Record of the Weekers Golden Void, but where Golden Void are more sun baked and laid back, Feral Ohms, are, well, more feral for sure, fierce and snarly, crunchy and fuzzy and blown out, in the red, dense and driving, but catchy like crazy too. The flipside is a little bit more slithery and groovy, but still similarly hard rocking and psychedelic, distorted, a little bit lo-fi and super rocking.
As with all the Valley King singles, super swank silkscreened Alan Forbes artwork, each one hand numbered and signed. Includes a sticker and is LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!!

album cover GOLDEN VOID The Curve (Valley King) 7" 8.98
Another supergroup / side project from kick ass 7" label Valley King, after a Carlton Melton single and a Sweet Apple single, came the ruling Nothing Like You 7" from Spiders, a new Swedish outfit that includes members of Graveyard and Witchcraft, now we have Golden Void, another new band, this one made up of members of San Diego shredders Earthless and Bay Area psychedelic stoners Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound, recorded right here in SF by Phil Manley (Trans Am, The Fucking Champs, etc.).
Golden Void's sound is SO kick ass and SO hits the spot, totally heavy, hooky, groovy stoner rock, big riffs, lots of organ, soaring vocals, and yeah, of course some seriously shredding leads, totally catchy, a modern take on some mix of all your teenage faves, Kiss, Thin Lizzy, Skynrd, just totally rocking, laced with plenty of psychedelic swirl, and a distinctly laid back classic rock vibe. Also reminds us a LOT of aQ stoner rock faves Freedom Hawk, the A side of this here single, might be THEE rocking jam of the summer. And we're thinking that when these guys come out with a full length, we might just have us a new favorite record...
LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!! Each cover beautifully silkscreened, hand numbered, and signed by the cover artist

album cover PINS OF LIGHT The New Sun b/w Maybe Millions (Valley King) 7" 9.98
The latest single from local label Valley King comes via Pins Of Light, a local outfit featuring members of
Dead And Gone, Triclops and Hightower, who deliver a seriously dense slab of progged out metallic gloom punk that winds sinewy riffage, around super frantic intricate drumming and some wild soaring vocals, the A side sounds a bit like Voivod via Pink Floyd, the arrangement dense and constantly shifting, with a killer main riff, and some surprisingly poppy moments, dense and tense, there's even a little stonery groove to the proceedings, definitely psychedelic, but a sort of gothy mathy metallic psychedelia that kills.
The flipside begins with a sky full of swirling psych guitars, before they're joined by some busy drumming and a proggy bassline, eventually erupting into some full on prog metal crush, but once the vocals come in, the song is transformed into a sort of part two of the A side, catchy, weirdly subversively poppy, but still heavy and proggy and metallic, the outro gets seriously blown out and psychedelic, the band locked into some serious space metal churn, before the vocals come in again, and the sound becomes some sort of twisted Voivod / Judas Priest / Hawkwind hybrid, which is most definitely a good thing.
LIMITED TO 500 COPIES. Killer spaceman skull cover art by Alan Forbes, each one signed and numbered, includes a printed insert, and a sticker too!
MPEG Stream: "The New Sun"
MPEG Stream: "Maybe Millions"

album cover WHITE MANNA Come Down Safari (Valley King) picture disc 30.00
The latest release from local label and psychedelic powerhouse Valley King is the latest record from stoner psych space rock visionaries White Manna, and like the two Holy Mountain records that came before, Come Down Safari, is another gloriously tripped out sonic sprawl, all hazy, buzzy throb and tranced out heart-of-the-sun mesmer, looooong tracks that seem to unfurl endlessly, the drums and bass weaving lush languorous backgrounds, that seem to pulse and ooze, over which the guitars soar and howl, melodic streaks blurred into heaving washes of chordal shimmer, riffs stretched out into druggy sonic mantras, the sound slipping effortlessly from churning psychedelic heaviness, to soporific, dream-drone drift, WM channeling the sound of their psychedelic forefathers, into heady, abstract sonic rituals, that manage to take the sound of classic early space rock and fuse it to a more modern take on retro psych.
Fans of the usual suspects (the Heads, White Hills, Mammatus, Carlton Melton, etc.) should already be WAY into these guys, and if they're not, this should fix that pretty quick.
LIMITED TO 500 COPIES, eye popping psychedelic picture disc artwork by Alan Forbes! ----*
----* In Stock, Not Yet Reviewed :

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